Frisco, TX Homes – Ten Reasons to Buy One Right Now

Frisco has become extremely popular in the past 10 years primarily because of its proximity to the Dallas area cities.  Dallas has always grown north. First, there was north Dallas, then Addison, Richardson, Plano and now Frisco.  One can reside in a Frisco home and commute to almost anywhere around the metroplex within an hour.  Last month, Frisco surpassed the 100,000 population mark.Second, is the highway system that has its major hub in Frisco.  The Dallas North Toll road could be considered the spinal cord of Collin County’s north-south mobility while the newly completed #121 called the Sam Rayburn Toll road is the east-west artery.  Downtown Dallas and the DFW International Airport are both only 30 minutes away.  So, Frisco is now central to all of the Dallas area; easy in and easy out! Whether you enjoy baseball, soccer or golf, Frisco invites you to enjoy them all in the incredible sports venues! Catch the Dallas Stars hockey team practicing at the Dr Pepper Star Center, the Frisco Roughriders baseball at Dr Pepper Ballpark, the Texas Tornado when they return to the Dr Pepper Arena this fall or experience golf at one of many challenging courses. Frisco is home to three unique golf courses: The Trails of Frisco, The Tom Fazio course at The Westin Stonebriar and Plantation Golf Club. Each offers a challenge to the avid golf enthusiast. In most instances, the courses can accommodate your tee time requests. You can also enjoy the spectacular new Pizza Hut Park and an exciting FC Dallas major league soccer game. Fourth, Frisco home property taxes are among the lowest in the metroplex.  At $2.06 per hundred of value compared to Prosper at $2.52, McKinney at $2.43 and Richardson at $2.49.  As you can see, this city is fiscally well managed.The Frisco Independent School District is one of the top rated ones among surrounding cities.  It is rated in 2009 as a “Recognized District” compared to only “Acceptable” for the McKinney ISD, the Plano ISD and the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD.  The FISD rating is a chief reason to buy a Frisco home.Six, retail shopping has been one of the critical reasons for Frisco’s explosive population growth since the famous Stonebriar Mall opened its doors a decade ago.  This mall is the largest mall in the metroplex and one if not the most successful malls in the entire metroplex.  On any given day, one can see many Oklahoma license plates in the parking area.The Frisco Chamber of Commerce is one of the most popular and successful chambers in Collin County with its 300+ membership.  A Frisco home would be most desirable if you are a small business owner or a home based business requiring a vibrant networking group.If filling your spiritual needs is important to you, Frisco has incredible churches.  The recently opened Stonebriar Church at Preston Road and Legacy is an architectural marvel seating over 1000 and boasts a music program that rivals the Dallas Symphony!  If you are not into a large church, Frisco has over two dozen smaller churches from which to choose.Nine, presently Frisco homes for sales represent a huge inventory making it a super buyer’s market.  Only last week end I showed 11 homes for sale in one subdivision.  The last time I checked there were over 2000 listed homes on the multiple listing service.  There is no reason to fear values long term because of all the reasons cited here explaining Frisco’s popularity and growth.And last but not least, Frisco has at least 35 subdivisions ranging from the most expensive such as Starwood and Stonebriar to others in the $300,000 to $500,000 such as the Fairways and Trails and many, many subdivisions with homes under $300,000. All in all, if you’re thinking about relocating, here are ten solid reasons to consider Frisco homes.  As of this writing, an eleventh reason is the near all time low thirty year mortgage rates hovering around 5%.

Home Staging is Like a Diamond – Brilliant, Valuable and All About the Clarity

Home staging isn’t tricks, people. It’s not JUST the champagne flutes in the bathroom, the breakfast tray on the bed, the open book with the glasses on top placed by a window. Those may be valid tactics, but only in a bigger scheme. See Staging overall as akin to a diamond – brilliant, valuable and all about the clarity – and the rest becomes easy.Brilliant
Is the home’s potential maximized? Are each of the spaces being used fully? Can you cover the basic needs of a home in this house? A home needs to offer a place where family life can take place comfortably – that means a place to eat, sleep, play, relax, self-cleanse and nowadays, work. The function of each space needs to be clearly illustrated such that each buyer walking through just “gets it”!
Do the colors fit congruently with the architecture, the room sizes and their function?
Have you deployed Design Psychology – which, at its most basic level is simply invoking sensory appeal, with visual interest, auditory, aroma, etc.?
If your home/property is not the best value in the price point you have one of two problems – either your have the wrong price, or the value perception needs shoring up.
Is the home in mint condition?
Has the home been maintained, AND (and I can’t stress how important this is) kept up to date with electrical and plumbing enhancements. You should expect to have invested least 10% of the home’s value if you want it to keep in step with “current pricing” … which remember, includes new construction.
You do not want buyers to have to “work” to see your home’s potential. They need to “get it”, to see immediately how this property would fit. If your home is a starter house, chances are there won’t be time for breakfast in bed, so forget the tray. However, if your house is a “move-up” then the book with the glasses perfectly expresses a quiet calm moment every stressed soccer mom yearns for!
Do not be afraid to play the local card: if your town has a great rec department then have some brochures out on a desk. (one desk! Not the fridge, and not all over the place!) The same with private schools, country clubs and other desirable “amenities’. Information can be strategically placed to catch a buyer’s eye… and you can always put it on the Squidoo lens for your home.
Clearly and fully tell the story – of how your home is just the most delightful place. It has been for you, and it will be for the next person.
Use the image of a diamond when preparing and marketing your home for sale. Make sure your home looks delightful, the best value around and a perfect fit for the version of you guys when you first bought it yourself! That’s the good thing about aging – there’s always someone coming along behind you who has a similar road to travel.

Price Your Property to SELL

If you really want to sell your property when you put it on the market there are some things you must know. The most important thing is the actual current market value of the property.Follow these instructions and you can appraise your own property and come up with a figure that’s accurate to within a couple of percentage points.Find and call at least three local realtors and tell them you’re thinking about selling your property. Ask the agents to make a comparative market study of your property. Tell them to include every sale in your market area that compares to your home or property. They’ll call you back later and want to set an appointment to deliver the information and tell you about their company and ask you to list your property with them. Make an appointment and let them make their presentation, then ask them to leave all the information on the property analysis and their company, so you can study it and make a decision.Once you have information from all three realtors, lay it out on a table and create a work sheet. List each of the Sold properties on a separate line, with their selling price per square foot on the far right. Don’t include the active listings that are up for sale, they aren’t relative to your study in determining the value of your property, but hold on to the information, active listings will be important later in determining the price you wish to ask for your property, because active listings will be the properties you are competing with. In other words, you will be competing for the buyers that are available in the current market who will be looking at other listed properties.Now, add up the column on the right and divide the results by the number of properties on your list. Multiply this number by the number of square feet in your home, and the result should be the current value of your property, within a percent or two.The number you arrive at may be lower than you are comfortable with, and in some parts of the country it’s a shocking reality. Even worse, to sell today you will probably need to price your property a little under this figure.People are accustomed to real estate values going up and up and up, year after year. Most of us like to count our profits as that happens, we remember back to how much we paid for the property and in our minds calculate many times all the money we will make if we ever sell. It becomes a source of pride of accomplishment and it is not something we will give up without some resistance. It is much more difficult to admit or even think about losses.If you are going to put your house on the market and want to sell it you must be competitive. More than ever you will have strong competition. Competition from properties that have been foreclosed on for default on loans and taxes. These homes are often priced below the market for quick sales. You are in competition with other property owners who are selling their properties to avoid foreclosure and these are often priced below the market. There isn’t nearly as much demand as there is product. In other words, there are a lot of homes/properties for sale now, making it a “buyers market.”Here are some of the advantages for pricing your property correctly.

A property usually gets the most attention just after it is placed on the market. If it is priced competitively it will get the most attention.
Real Estate sales agents are drawn to properties that are priced competitively and you will have more showings. More showings equals better opportunities to sell.
If a property is priced competitively there is usually less negotiation on the price.
Competitive pricing will attract more qualified buyers
Besides correct pricing there are other things you can do to help sell your property. Creative marketing can help distinguish your property from all the other available properties, and in today’s buyer’s market, you want to stand out from the crowd.